10 Steps to Balance Work & Studies During the Summer

  1. Find a P/T paid internship
  2. Happily register for convenient, online 5-week summer class
  3. Surf Craigslist’s job board because you need more money and find another P/T paid internship
  4. Raise eyebrows as professor emails in advance of first day “YOU MUST SPEND 20 HOURS A WEEK ON THIS CLASS”
  5. Google search “time management schedules”
  6. Print out a weekly schedule
  7. Fill out weekly schedule: commute, work, food prep, grocery shopping, commute, study, study, study, sleep, study, *insert big block of time on Saturday for fun*, study, gym, laundry (almost forgot this one)
  8. Realize you can’t make any time for Toastmasters on Thursdays, which you’ve been planning forever with your bf
  9. Drop online class
  10. Embrace the 40 hour work week & freaking enjoy life’s moments outside of studying